SMART NoteBook – Tips and Tricks – Videos

I have been a SMART certified NoteBook trainer and I was recently selected as a SEE (SMART Exemplary Educator), so I guess I better get something on this blog about using SMART Notebook.

When I was beginning to use the SMART Notebook software or even now, I find viewing a video of someone explaining the use of a tool very helpful.  Many times finding the videos took more time than learning how to use the tool.

Therefore, I have tried to bring a host of SMART video resources together on one page.  I hope you find them helpful as you enhance your SMART Notebook skills.  E-mail me if you need further help.

SMART Notebook – The Basics – Beginner

Overview of SMART Notebook lessons

SMART Notebook Lesson Activity Toolkit

SMART Notebook Transparent Background Tool – Wonderful Tool

Place objects in the My Content folder and you will not have to search for them again

Using the Gallery Checker Tool to check a student’s answer

Using Click to Reveal

Using Erase to Reveal

Three ways to Reveal in SMART Notebook

Objects in SMART Notebook

Placing objects on the SMART Notebook page – Beginner

Using the Gallery Random Generator saves time by selecting a pre-set list of objects

Use layering and colors to create a Magic Tunnel effect

Use object ordering and color to create a Magnifying Glass effect

Using the Page Recorder

Use Pull Tags to move information on and off of the page

Always use the singular of a word when searching the SMART Notebook Gallery

Use the Page Sorter to get organized.



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