Interactive Refrigerator Magnets

Refrigerator Magnets have always been a popular way to help students learn how to spell and construct sentences.  Teachers can now use an Interactive Online version available at the Woodlands Junior School.

Have a student start a sentence and other students can add to the sentence.

Add a descriptive word?

To clear the board Refresh the page.

There are many other interesting games on this UK site.





Telescopic Text – Descriptive Words

Teachers are always trying to have students be more descriptive in their writing.  You also have the student who says, “I don’t know what to write?”

The web site Telescopic Text is a very simple site that does a wonderful job illustrating how a simple sentence of a few words can become very complex using descriptive words.

The Telescopic Text sentence starts out with only three (3) words.

But each of the words is shading grey, meaning that if you Left Click on the word a new descriptive word will appear.

As you keep Left Clicking  on the shaded grey words, eventually you will fill the screen with a paragraph that started as just three words, “I made tea.”

This is an English website, so some of the words may not be familiar to your students such as “digestives” or “fusty.”  Let your students look up the definitions of the words.  This will be a good experience for them.  Not everyone uses the same “English” words!

Online File Conversion – Audio-Video-Ebooks-and More

Many of us have used Zamzar for file conversion of audio and video but a new online FREE service does even more.  Online-Convert will convert the traditional audio and video files but also converts Ebooks, Images, Documents, Hash Tags and Archives to many other formats.

Select the type of conversion that you want to perform and then use the drop down menu to choose the format that you want to convert the file TO.  Then click GO.

This will take you to another Internet Page where you will Click the Browse Button to Select your file or Paste in the URL of the file.  Example: A YouTube movie URL.

There are other selections that you can make concerning the quality of the conversion and audio.  I usually leave these alone and click Convert File.

The file will be uploaded, wait for about a minute, and then a window will open asking you to download the converted file.

You are Finished, File Converted.  Very quick and Easy.

The Ebook converter could be very useful for individuals who have different Ebook readers.




KhanAcademy – 3000+ Videos – Math to History

KhanAcademy provides more than 3000+ videos on topics from Math to History.  Also provided, are more than 300+ practice interactives.  All of the online interactives and movies are provided FREE to anyone.

KhanAcademy covers the areas of History, Science, Humanities, Art History and Other subjects.  Movies are available for each of the individual concepts.   Practice interactives are available for only some of the concepts.

Math to Physics – What would a Map of Knowledge of Math Concepts look like?

US History Overview

Biology – Parts of a Cell

The goal of the non-profit  KahanAcademy is to provide a world class education to anyone, anywhere and at anytime.  A wonderful award winning learning site for everyone.


The iPad Project In Schools (Tips on their use.)

The iPad project In  Schools is a project developed by Dr. Jenny Lane an Australian educator who is very interested in following the introduction of the tablet technology into schools.

Her web site “is designed to guide and support teachers and pre-service teachers as they explore ways of using iPads in classrooms.”

The web site has Tips for Using iPads, and App Recommendations for teachers, students and administrators.

If you are new to the IPad or a veteran user, the iPad Project In Schools is a great place to look for resources.






Battle of Pearl Harbor – Interactive Map

National Geographic has created an Interactive Map of the Battle of Pearl Harbor called Remembering Pearl Harbor.

Click on Begin in the bottom Right corner of the Interactive Map to begin your tour.

A timeline of the battle appears under the Interactive Map.  Click on a “square” on the timeline to move through the battle.

Click on the Information Windows on the Map to see more pictures and listen to sailors and soldiers give their account of what happened.

10 X 10 Current Events on Steroids

How would you like to know what is the number one news story in the world today, at this hour?  The award-winning website 10 by 10 can tell you!  Talk about current events, how much more current can you get?

10 by 10 monitors the major RSS news service feeds each hour and creates the top 100 news stories in pictures and web links.  Organized in a 10 by 10 rectangle, you can click on a picture or one of the ranked words along the right hand side. Once the word or picture is clicked the story window will open and allow you to link to the full story.

Do you want to know what happened on March 2, 2010,  at this hour?  At the bottom of the 10 by 10 rectangle is the history link.  Click this link and you can look at the top 100 stories in pictures and links back to 2004.

When you perform a history link some of the pictures and links will be blank because they are no longer available on the web.

With 10 by 10 you are always current on world events up to the most recent  hour!!