Short URL’S, Are They Safe? Not all of them!

 Long web addresses are difficult for students to type, tweet, link, etc.  This is why URL shorteners are so popular. 

Why use a long URL when you can shorten the URL and make the URL simple to use!

Unfortunately, shortened URL’s from many URL services such as,, and others are often blocked on school networks because they make it possible for network users to access proxy servers, circumvent filters and go around district policies.  In addition, they are a favorite of spammers who hide true link destinations in the shortened URL’s!

So what to do?  Check with your filter provider for shortening URL approved sites.

If you are using the Lightspeed filter, here are two URL shortener sites that are not blocked.  and  

Both of the above sites are checked by the LightSpeed filter database to make sure the sites requested to be shortened are CIPA compliant.

See the example of a shortened URL below:

Original URL –

Shortened URL using –