Ancient Greeks: The Greek World

Ancient Greece is something that all of us have studied or taught at one time or another.  The BBC has designed a web site that could help you with your instruction called:  Ancient Greeks: The Greek World.


The web site offers information on Ancient Greece..

Photos of Greece and Greek Culture..

Extended Activities..

Fun Facts and More to Explore.

If this is not enough Greek for you, then check out the other BCC topics on Ancient Greece.


3DToad – 3D Images for Teachers and Students

If a picture is worth a thousand words then, 3D images must be worth three thousand!  3D Toad brings together images from a large array of subjects.  There are 3D images here for Science, History, Health, Music, Yoga (yes Yoga), Chemistry, and more.

Click on an area and a sub page will open for that subject.  This area is Dissection.

Keep digging and you will be able to choose a 3D image to display.  Hold down your Left Mouse Button to rotate the image.  Double Left Click to Zoom the image.

A Mineral from the Geology Section.

I learned about this site from James Hollis who has the blog

A great resource for illustrating on the Interactive White Board.


KhanAcademy – 3000+ Videos – Math to History

KhanAcademy provides more than 3000+ videos on topics from Math to History.  Also provided, are more than 300+ practice interactives.  All of the online interactives and movies are provided FREE to anyone.

KhanAcademy covers the areas of History, Science, Humanities, Art History and Other subjects.  Movies are available for each of the individual concepts.   Practice interactives are available for only some of the concepts.

Math to Physics – What would a Map of Knowledge of Math Concepts look like?

US History Overview

Biology – Parts of a Cell

The goal of the non-profit  KahanAcademy is to provide a world class education to anyone, anywhere and at anytime.  A wonderful award winning learning site for everyone.


The iPad Project In Schools (Tips on their use.)

The iPad project In  Schools is a project developed by Dr. Jenny Lane an Australian educator who is very interested in following the introduction of the tablet technology into schools.

Her web site “is designed to guide and support teachers and pre-service teachers as they explore ways of using iPads in classrooms.”

The web site has Tips for Using iPads, and App Recommendations for teachers, students and administrators.

If you are new to the IPad or a veteran user, the iPad Project In Schools is a great place to look for resources.






NOVA – Explore Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt has always been a civilization that has fascinated me.

The  new Nova website Explore Ancient Egypt lets you tour this amazing civilization through movies, images and 360 degree panoramic views.

Start your exploration in the Old Kingdom or New Kingdom of Egypt

Walk around the pyramids or the Spinx through still images, movies or 360 degree views.  KHUFU Pyramid

A 360 degree view from the top of KHUFU Pyramid.

A 360 degree look inside of the KHUFU Pyramid.

Interview archeologists who are studying the ancient Egyption civilization.

Explore Ancient Egypt by NOVA brings you as close to the real thing as possible.



10 X 10 Current Events on Steroids

How would you like to know what is the number one news story in the world today, at this hour?  The award-winning website 10 by 10 can tell you!  Talk about current events, how much more current can you get?

10 by 10 monitors the major RSS news service feeds each hour and creates the top 100 news stories in pictures and web links.  Organized in a 10 by 10 rectangle, you can click on a picture or one of the ranked words along the right hand side. Once the word or picture is clicked the story window will open and allow you to link to the full story.

Do you want to know what happened on March 2, 2010,  at this hour?  At the bottom of the 10 by 10 rectangle is the history link.  Click this link and you can look at the top 100 stories in pictures and links back to 2004.

When you perform a history link some of the pictures and links will be blank because they are no longer available on the web.

With 10 by 10 you are always current on world events up to the most recent  hour!!

YouTube For Schools – Announced

Last Wednesday YouTube announced a new site titled, “YouTube For Schools.”

YouTube For Schools has several benefits:

  • Videos are filtered and appropriate for school use
  • Teacher AND student access
  • Thousands of videos available
  • Customizable – Teachers can create playlists
  • Up to the minute content
  • FREE – With many of the same videos available through a pay services.

Schools must join as a District or Individual School. There are also changes that must be made to the school filtering system to allow the flow of YouTube For Schools content.

Once you have the filter changes in place YouTube For Schools can provide a wealth of valuable learning content to your school for FREE!

Talk with your administration today about allowing this content!