Bloom’s Taxomony – Writing Better Questions

A picture is worth a thousand words, but how about using them to generate better questions and move up Bloom’s Taxonomy.  What are better questions anyway?

This very simple site will will illustrate for teachers how to create better questions to ask students as you work your way up Bloom’s taxonomy.

Bloom’s – Level 1

Bloom’s – Level 3

Bloom’s – Level 5

Write and ask more effective questions using this technique.  Ask similar questions when choosing textbooks, software or even tablet apps.  What level Bloom’s is this?




Dowce – A Screen Capture Tool That Is Easy To Use

There are always occasions when you would like to capture a screen or part of a screen from a software program or the Internet and use the image in a worksheet, test, poster, etc.

Over the years I have tried all kinds of programs including the Smart or Promethean Camera tools.  But the Free Dowce screen capture tool is even easier and saves you some steps.

Most capture tools require that you paste the captured screen into another program and then save the image as a graphic file.  Dowce gives you a choice, immediately save the captured image as a graphic file OR paste the captured screen area into another program.  You can do both in one step.  Well in two clicks.

Capture the whole screen or just a portion of the screen Dowce lets you define the screen capture area.

Dowce is always ready to be used because the Dowce icon sits in your system tray waiting for you to click and define the capture area.

Dowce has just made screen capture a whole lot easier and your worksheets, PowerPoints, Publisher files, etc.  a whole lot more interesting.

Dowce is a Free Windows program.

3DToad – 3D Images for Teachers and Students

If a picture is worth a thousand words then, 3D images must be worth three thousand!  3D Toad brings together images from a large array of subjects.  There are 3D images here for Science, History, Health, Music, Yoga (yes Yoga), Chemistry, and more.

Click on an area and a sub page will open for that subject.  This area is Dissection.

Keep digging and you will be able to choose a 3D image to display.  Hold down your Left Mouse Button to rotate the image.  Double Left Click to Zoom the image.

A Mineral from the Geology Section.

I learned about this site from James Hollis who has the blog

A great resource for illustrating on the Interactive White Board.


NOVA – Explore Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt has always been a civilization that has fascinated me.

The  new Nova website Explore Ancient Egypt lets you tour this amazing civilization through movies, images and 360 degree panoramic views.

Start your exploration in the Old Kingdom or New Kingdom of Egypt

Walk around the pyramids or the Spinx through still images, movies or 360 degree views.  KHUFU Pyramid

A 360 degree view from the top of KHUFU Pyramid.

A 360 degree look inside of the KHUFU Pyramid.

Interview archeologists who are studying the ancient Egyption civilization.

Explore Ancient Egypt by NOVA brings you as close to the real thing as possible.



Webcam Fun – Create Unusual Images for Your PowerPoint

We have to have some fun once in a while and the site Neave Interactive allows you to do just that!  There are several interactive applications on the site but the one I am going to discuss here is for the webcam.

I have my students create Music Videos in PowerPoint and this site can be used for creating some great effects for the videos.

There are over 30 effects that you can try.  Each picture can be downloaded as a .jpg photo for use in other programs.

Me, Normal, well as normal as I get.

Feeling Stretched!

Having a wedgie!

Totally Underwater!

Is that an Alien?

Try Neave Interactive for fun or turn on your creativity!  Your students will love seeng you as the Alien they thought you were!





World Maps – Place II – Population, Landscape and Environmental Estimates

Place II, (Columbia University) provides World Maps of Population, Landscape and Environmental Estimates based on data from NASA and other government agencies. 

The dataset Map Collection  provides maps in the areas of: Biomes, Climate Zone, Coastal Proximity, Elevation Zone, Population Density or a combination.

The World Maps are available in PDF or JPG for download and print out on a poster printer with little loss of detail.  They also look great when used with an  Interactive Whiteboard for illustration.  A must for Social Studies and Science teachers.

Use or Create Photo Timelines from Life Magazine Photos

Life magazine has always been a part of our, well “Life.”  The wonderful photo journalism of Life is at your fingertips.  Use TimeLines that others have created or create your own Timelines to use in class.  Use photos of the day’s events or delve into Life’s extensive historical photo archive.

The Free Life archive is available to you.  Use or create a photo timeline of a historical event such as the Dust Bowl…

…or take a look, in photos, at the life of Dr. Seuss!

How about a Timeline of the life of Charles Dickens?

Life timelines and photos can be searched by era or by topic.  A wonderful resource no matter what you are teaching.  Bring your subject to “Life.”