Women’s History Month – March

In celebration of Women’s History Month you may wish to have your students complete projects on famous American women.   Several web sites can help your students perform this research.

For the younger grades Scholastic has put together resources on Famous American Women.

If you teach an older grade level you may wish to visit the Library of Congress website on Women’s History Month.



Romeo and Juliet – Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

The Romeo and Juliet web site is the most interactive version of Romeo and Juliet available on the web.  The entire play is available in words, some audio readings, movies and web resources.  A huge resource of material on the play Romeo and Juliet.


Listen to audio of professional actors reading sections of the play. 


 Watch movies of professors of theatre being interviewed concerning their ideas on the meaning of the various Acts of the play.

If you are studying the play Romeo and Juliet or just want to know more about the play, make sure you visit this resource.



Valentine’s Day SmartBoard Fun

Have some fun on Valentines Day with the three SmartBoard files available for download from oldteachernewtech

Valentine’s Day for Kindergarten focuses on matching letters of the Alphabet with pictures, matching letters with sounds and putting letters in alphabetical order.

Valentine’s Day Sudoku uses the letters of the alphabet to complete the Sudoku squares.

Valentine’s Day Word Fun uses Valentine’s Day words in various word games.  The games include filling in missing letters, unscrambling the words, Valentine’s Day mystery words, and more.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day with some Smart lessons.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Center

The Martin Luther King Jr. Center provides a wealth of information on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The resources include his biography…   Where was he born?  Who influenced him?  How did it happen that he led the Civil Rights movement.

What was Dr. King’s philosophy?  What did he mean by non-violence?  What did he state were the three main evils?

Resources also include excerpts and full text versions of his major speeches.

This can be a wonderful resource if you are holding a discussion for the Martin Luther King Jr holiday or studying the era of Civil Rights.

Martin Luther King Jr – Before The Boycott – Riding the Bus

The National Civil Rights Museum provides a unique e-learning activity called, “Before The Boycott – Riding the Bus.”  The interactive program allows students or the teacher to make choices about where they would need to sit on the bus and provides questions for a class discussion.

This site could be used with your Martin Luther King Day activities or part of a discussion on Civil Rights.

Why was the was the bus sectioned?  What was the law?  Could you be arrested for sitting in the wrong seat?  Could the bus driver refuse to stop for you just because of your skin color?  All of these questions are discussed in the interactive unit.

There are 39 interactive screens to the unit.  You might want to skip some of them, by clicking next to shorten the unit.

Fun for the Holidays! Smart NoteBook Files – Online Fun

Just in time for the Holiday”s!  Below are links to some Smart NoteBook files of fun word games, math games or just games to have fun with the SmartBoard. 

In addition, there are links to online Holiday activities using Flash.  

We are never to old to believe in the Holidays!  My middle school students love the activities.  I think they still believe in Santa!

Smart NoteBook: (DOWNLOAD the SMART NOteBook Files)

Holiday Fun – Concentration, Make an Octahedron, Math Word Problems

Holiday Activities –  Holiday Word Search, Make a Snowman, Crossword Puzzle

Finding Rudolph – Students add reindeer to Santa’s sleigh by answering questions.  Developed by James Hollis of the blog www.teacherslovesmartboards.com

Holiday Division – Division problems with clip art about the holidays.

Online Activities with Animation and Audio – Most are Flash files and may not play on some devices.

Reindeer Orchestra – Click the Reindeer’s Noses to play notes.  Play a song or have the computer direct your song.

Santa’s Workshop – Explore Santa’s Workshop as he prepares for the Holiday!

Ten Little Snowmen – Build Snowmen on your interactive whiteboard

Santa’s Home – Watch Santa prepare for the Holiday. Listen to the story.

I hope your students enjoy all of the activities.  Please leave a comment if you LIKE them and let me know what else you need.




Thanksgiving Resources – SmartBoard to Worksheets

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and you may want to highlight the holiday in your classroom with some historical background, a worksheet or just a Thanksgiving Game.  Here are some resources that can help!

Smart NoteBook files for your SmartBoard at Smart Tech  Download the Free files!

Thanksgiving Historical Timeline – 1541 to 2001

The First Thanksgiving by Scholastic

Picture Perfect Turkey Day – National Geographic Kids

Quiz Your Noodle – Thanksgiving – National Geographic Kids

Turkey Puzzle

Turkey Anagrams

The pilgrims and Me – A First WebQuest

ABCTeach – Worksheets and Assignments – K-2