Spin to Win Review Game – Interactive Whiteboard

The Spin to Win Review Game could be a great tool to use as a review  in any subject!  The game was developed by James Hollis of  Teachers Love SmartBoards and is available for download from my Google Docs site by clicking HERE.

After downloading the Smart NoteBook file, save the file to your “H” drive immediately and change the name of the file.  The downloaded file is read-only, requiring you to save.

I strongly suggest that you watch the YouTube video on how to play and enter questions into the game before starting.  The YouTube video can be accesses by clicking HERE.  The movie embedded in the NoteBook file does not appear to work.

Once you have watched the video begin entering the questions for each point value.  You will enter three questions and answers for each point value.

When you are ready to play the game organize you class into 2 groups.  Have a student click on the Spin Button, once to start the spin and again to stop the spin.  Click on the point value button that the spinner stopped on to go to that question.  The student has the option of clicking on one of three questions by clicking on the question number and then the star to go to the question.

Once the student has answered, reveal the correct answer.  Then return to the Home screen by clicking the Home button.  The next step before spinning again is to go to the ScoreBoard by clicking on the ScoreBoard Button in the center of the Spinner.

Once you are on the ScoreBoard screen, drag the appropriate numbers up to the Team ScoreBoard or subtract numbers to keep score.

The game can hold up to 300 questions, but you do not need to use all of the point values.  If a student lands on a point value that you are not using, just have them spin again.

If you have a student who is finished with a project and has a few minutes. let the student enter questions and answers.  Students love making up tests or review questions for you!

This game should be fun and once you have the game  setup you can use the game year after year.  And students are probably getting tired of Jeopardy!







Spelling Game – Online Fun – K – 8

The last few days of school are interesting and we need activities to keep students engaged in learning.  The Online Spelling Game from Houghton Mifflin might be just what you need!  Or use the game throughout the year to improve spelling.

Choose your grade level and if you are using Houghton Mifflin materials you may be able to choose your unit.

Most of the games are matching games and all of them can be a timed or not timed game.  You get to choose.  Start off with a no time game and as students become familiar with the game, switch to a timed format.

Have students come to the board individually or work as a group to solve the spelling mystery.



Online Jeopardy – Really Easy

Every grade level loves Jeopardy and there are some great Jeopardy files that come with the Interactive WhiteBoard software.  But what if you wanted something even easier and online?  Welcome to Jeopardy Labs!

No registration required (unless you want to.)  No forms to fill out.  Just put in a password, confirm and Get Started.

Change the title of your game and the category names to match your subject.  Click on a dollar amount and type in your question and answer.  Click Save on the question window and choose another dollar amount.

When you have finished the  Jeopardy “Game scroll to the bottom and click “Save” in the bottom left corner.  Your Game is now saved.

You can link to your Jeopardy Game by using the web address for your game.

When the game opens choose the number of teams from the drop down menu.  The score does not automatically update.  You will need to click on the + or – sign to add money or subtract money from the Team Totals.

Valentine’s Day SmartBoard Fun

Have some fun on Valentines Day with the three SmartBoard files available for download from oldteachernewtech

Valentine’s Day for Kindergarten focuses on matching letters of the Alphabet with pictures, matching letters with sounds and putting letters in alphabetical order.

Valentine’s Day Sudoku uses the letters of the alphabet to complete the Sudoku squares.

Valentine’s Day Word Fun uses Valentine’s Day words in various word games.  The games include filling in missing letters, unscrambling the words, Valentine’s Day mystery words, and more.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day with some Smart lessons.

Elementary – Academic Skill Builders – Online

Academic Skill Builders brings you interactive online games covering everything from Math to Time to Money to Language Arts to Typing.  The games are designed for the younger grades or struggling students, helping to improve their academic skill.

The student or teacher chooses the appropriate game and the student types in a login name.  Example:  computer 15 

A window will then open where the student can choose to join other students playing the game.

The games are interesting and engaging.

Math Examples:

Time Examples:

Money Examples:

Language Arts:

a second version of the web site called Academic Skills Plus, allows the teacher to upload or type in student names and keep track of scores. 


Scholastic Interactive Math and Science Activities

Scholastic for Teachers offers many FREE interactive resources for teachers in the areas of Math and Science.  The fun highly motivational activities include Videos, Songs, Online Quizes and Vocabulary.  In addition, Lesson Plans and Teacher Guides for each activity are provided.

Science Activities: 

Solids, Liquids and Gases


The Water Cycle


Math Activities:

Determine the Missing Operation




Enjoy all of the activities on your Interactive Whiteboard!



Counting Coins – Smart NoteBook File

The Smart NoteBook file, Coin Value, will help your students understand the value of coins.  The Smart NoteBook file was created and shared by Paula Morodokhin a New York state elementary school teacher.

Click on this the link Coin Value and Download the Smart NoteBook file.