This old teacher has been involved in education since 1969 and has taught at the Elementary School, Middle School and High School levels. I have served as a district administrator supporting teachers as the District Supervisor of Educational Technology for 10 years.  Just recently I have returned to the classroom as a middle school technology teacher.

I guess I have seen it all, from little tech to almost too much tech!

So many times districts forget that teachers have to learn too! How are teachers supposed to learn this stuff, osmosis?  Are they just supposed to make the same mistakes over and over or learn from someone who has already made those mistakes and can help them through the potholes.

Staff Development has always been a priority for me.  I clearly remember learning my craft by participating with other teachers in discussions, practice and observation.  Learning what works and how to manage a classroom and curriculum.  I have always given back offering workshops, one on one help or even helping a teacher by teaching a unit for them.

To that end, I may be able to help your district also.  I participate in school, state and national conferences by providing workshops in the areas of:

Smart NoteBook – Smart Exemplary Educator – Smart Certified – I can provide certification classes

Smart Response

Web 2.0

PhotoStory, MovieMaker, Pinnacle Studio

Bringing Your Teachers Into the 21st Century


MS Office Products

MS PowerPoint – especially the use of animation



Name the software of topic and I have probably taught it!

If I can help you or your district in any way, please e-mail me at lkling47@gmail.com

With this blog, I hope to tell you where we started with technology, mistakes that we made along the way and give you up-to-date resources that make a difference in the classroom. There are many technology resources available, but which ones, in my opinion, can make a difference in your classroom. What technology resources and tools can truly impact student or teacher learning?

Learning has always been fun for me and even though I am old, I love change. This old teacher still hunts!



One Comment on “About”

  1. Melanie says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. This is my first time participating in a chain letter type award. I hope that you realize that there are a few reasons I am doing this: 1) To thank you for the inspiration you have given me as I learn the blogging ropes 2) To share your talents with my friends, families, and followers. I hope that you will graciously accept this award from a newbie like me!


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