Dowce – A Screen Capture Tool That Is Easy To Use

There are always occasions when you would like to capture a screen or part of a screen from a software program or the Internet and use the image in a worksheet, test, poster, etc.

Over the years I have tried all kinds of programs including the Smart or Promethean Camera tools.  But the Free Dowce screen capture tool is even easier and saves you some steps.

Most capture tools require that you paste the captured screen into another program and then save the image as a graphic file.  Dowce gives you a choice, immediately save the captured image as a graphic file OR paste the captured screen area into another program.  You can do both in one step.  Well in two clicks.

Capture the whole screen or just a portion of the screen Dowce lets you define the screen capture area.

Dowce is always ready to be used because the Dowce icon sits in your system tray waiting for you to click and define the capture area.

Dowce has just made screen capture a whole lot easier and your worksheets, PowerPoints, Publisher files, etc.  a whole lot more interesting.

Dowce is a Free Windows program.