MixBook or Smart NoteBook- School Memories Book

I posted about MixBook last October.  Since this is the time of the year when teachers are thinking of creating a book of classroom memories, I thought I would post about MixBook  again.

Of coutse Mixbook wants you to pay for the print editions, but you can just have a hyperlink to your classroom memories book and save time and paper.  Assign each student a page and let them be creative!

Another option would to assign each student a page of a SmartNoteBook file and then combine the pages into your Classroom Memories Book.  Use the SmartNoteBook file menu to export the file to a PDF for printing and viola, you Classroom Memories Book is finished!

Original post:

MixBook is a FREE online application for creating a book online.  I posted about MixBook at the end of last school year.

However, Beth (One of the members to this blog.) mentioned in an e-mail how she had used MixBook to publish original writing pieces, so I thought I would post this excellent site again.

Beth was able to use one login and password, assign students a page in the book and then students could work in school or at home.  She also mentioned that the project turned out so well that some parents purchased the book from MixBook.

Thank you Beth for reminding me of Mixbook.  Many times my blog sources come from my members.  Keep the ideas flowing!

MixBook also look great when you are showing them on an Interactive White Board.

Original Post:

Every year teachers ask me how they can easily create DVD’s to give to students at the end of the year. This is a ton of work!  First you have to create the original and then make copy after copy.  How about if there was an easier way?

The easier way is MixBook!

MixBook gives us a FREE online alternative!  You can build your classroom yearbook as the year progresses and create a link from your web page for the finished book.  If the students really like what you have accomplished, they can pay to have the book printed.

MixBook works very much like Glogster.  If you have used Glogster then you are already familiar with MixBook.  MixBook gives you themes (backgrounds) for you book or you can create your own.  Page layouts are prepared for you and placing your images is as simple as drag and drop.  Text creation is a snap with lots of text fonts, colors and sizes!

And MixBook is not just for the teacher!  Plan on having your students create their own  poetry books, a children’s book, Science book, online journals, etc.   The book ideas are endless!

Create a FREE account on MixBook and practice publishing your first book today!