Telescopic Text – Descriptive Words

Teachers are always trying to have students be more descriptive in their writing.  You also have the student who says, “I don’t know what to write?”

The web site Telescopic Text is a very simple site that does a wonderful job illustrating how a simple sentence of a few words can become very complex using descriptive words.

The Telescopic Text sentence starts out with only three (3) words.

But each of the words is shading grey, meaning that if you Left Click on the word a new descriptive word will appear.

As you keep Left Clicking  on the shaded grey words, eventually you will fill the screen with a paragraph that started as just three words, “I made tea.”

This is an English website, so some of the words may not be familiar to your students such as “digestives” or “fusty.”  Let your students look up the definitions of the words.  This will be a good experience for them.  Not everyone uses the same “English” words!