3DToad – 3D Images for Teachers and Students

If a picture is worth a thousand words then, 3D images must be worth three thousand!  3D Toad brings together images from a large array of subjects.  There are 3D images here for Science, History, Health, Music, Yoga (yes Yoga), Chemistry, and more.

Click on an area and a sub page will open for that subject.  This area is Dissection.

Keep digging and you will be able to choose a 3D image to display.  Hold down your Left Mouse Button to rotate the image.  Double Left Click to Zoom the image.

A Mineral from the Geology Section.

I learned about this site from James Hollis who has the blog Freetech4teachers.com

A great resource for illustrating on the Interactive White Board.



2 Comments on “3DToad – 3D Images for Teachers and Students”

  1. Eeep, looks awesome!

  2. Zak Ward says:

    Thank you for your write up! Let us know what you would like to see and we will try to find it and get it up on 3DTOAD.com for ya