Power Play – Learn About Simple Machines

Power Play allows students to use the parts of Simple Machines to create more complex Rube Goldberg machines.

Students are presented with a problem in the top rectangle and the Simple Machine parts in the bottom rectangle.  They must drag and drop the parts in the correct order to build a more complex machine that will solve the problem.

You really do have to give some thought to how the parts will work with the other parts when choosing the order.  If you solve the problem correctly, the machine starts working!!!

There are 5 different problems for the students to solve using the same Simple Machine parts. I am not going to show you how to solve this one.  You go and play!

I know that Science covers Simple Machines and this should be a web site that you are using to illustrate the concepts.  Wouldn’t it be great to build the Simple Machine online and then create the same machine in the classroom?  Give Power Play a Look and maybe you will Like!