Immigration – A Virtual Field Trip to Ellis Island – March 29th

Scholastic is offering a free Virtual Field Trip to Ellis Island on March 29th in cooperation with the National Parks Service.  The field trip is entitled,”Coming to America: Ellis Island.”

Experience the Journey of over 12 million immigrants as they entered America.  The Virtual Field Trip begins March 29th at 1 PM Eastern Time and 10 AM Pacific Time.  The field trip will last approximately 35 minutes.

The Scholastic Virtual Trip to Ellis Island is free and you can sign up your class at the Coming To America Virtual Field Trip website.

Technical Requirements

The following are mandatory technical requirements for Scholastic webcasts:

  • Install Flash: You will need Flash version 10 or higher.
  • Check Bandwidth: You will need a minimum of 500kbps bandwidth per user in your school. For example, if 10 different classrooms in your school network are watching the webcast, you will need 5,000kbps (5mbps) of bandwidth. Test your bandwidth at least one day prior to the event at the same time of day the event is scheduled.
  • Test Live Access: If you see green checkmarks under Port/Protocol Results on the left side of the screen your ports are open and you’re set for the webcast. If your school restricts access to various sites, ports or proxies, please talk to your IT department and please see our ports section below for accessing our live events. The IT department only needs to allow access and open the port temporarily for the time of the webcast.

One Comment on “Immigration – A Virtual Field Trip to Ellis Island – March 29th”

  1. danny says:

    Do pay attention to the tech requirements…they make viewing so much more enjoyable. We have watched the Thanksgiving field trips from Plimoth Plantation for several years, and the first year was a disaster because we were technically unprepared on our end, or was it their end too? But if you are ready, they do a fantastic job on their presentations.