KhanAcademy – 3000+ Videos – Math to History

KhanAcademy provides more than 3000+ videos on topics from Math to History.  Also provided, are more than 300+ practice interactives.  All of the online interactives and movies are provided FREE to anyone.

KhanAcademy covers the areas of History, Science, Humanities, Art History and Other subjects.  Movies are available for each of the individual concepts.   Practice interactives are available for only some of the concepts.

Math to Physics – What would a Map of Knowledge of Math Concepts look like?

US History Overview

Biology – Parts of a Cell

The goal of the non-profit  KahanAcademy is to provide a world class education to anyone, anywhere and at anytime.  A wonderful award winning learning site for everyone.



Power Play – Learn About Simple Machines

Power Play allows students to use the parts of Simple Machines to create more complex Rube Goldberg machines.

Students are presented with a problem in the top rectangle and the Simple Machine parts in the bottom rectangle.  They must drag and drop the parts in the correct order to build a more complex machine that will solve the problem.

You really do have to give some thought to how the parts will work with the other parts when choosing the order.  If you solve the problem correctly, the machine starts working!!!

There are 5 different problems for the students to solve using the same Simple Machine parts. I am not going to show you how to solve this one.  You go and play!

I know that Science covers Simple Machines and this should be a web site that you are using to illustrate the concepts.  Wouldn’t it be great to build the Simple Machine online and then create the same machine in the classroom?  Give Power Play a Look and maybe you will Like!

The iPad Project In Schools (Tips on their use.)

The iPad project In  Schools is a project developed by Dr. Jenny Lane an Australian educator who is very interested in following the introduction of the tablet technology into schools.

Her web site “is designed to guide and support teachers and pre-service teachers as they explore ways of using iPads in classrooms.”

The web site has Tips for Using iPads, and App Recommendations for teachers, students and administrators.

If you are new to the IPad or a veteran user, the iPad Project In Schools is a great place to look for resources.






Battle of Pearl Harbor – Interactive Map

National Geographic has created an Interactive Map of the Battle of Pearl Harbor called Remembering Pearl Harbor.

Click on Begin in the bottom Right corner of the Interactive Map to begin your tour.

A timeline of the battle appears under the Interactive Map.  Click on a “square” on the timeline to move through the battle.

Click on the Information Windows on the Map to see more pictures and listen to sailors and soldiers give their account of what happened.

Road To Grammar

The website Road To Grammar helps students improve their grammar skills through the use of Quizzes and Games.

I wish they had this site when I was in school, since I am a visual learner. And of course who doesn’t like a game?

Do your students need extra practice on Word Forms, Present Perfect, Idioms… they are all here and more!

You want Games?  There are games for ESL students or your regular class reviewing grammar.

There are also lots of teacher tools here in the form of downloads in PDF format.

A great tool to use on the Interactive Whiteboard for a whole class review or individually at a computer.  Grammar can be a difficult subject to teach.  Road To Grammar makes grammar more interesting and interactive.

If you look at Road To Grammar also look at Grammar Bytes.  Grammar with an attitude!

Women’s History Month – March

In celebration of Women’s History Month you may wish to have your students complete projects on famous American women.   Several web sites can help your students perform this research.

For the younger grades Scholastic has put together resources on Famous American Women.

If you teach an older grade level you may wish to visit the Library of Congress website on Women’s History Month.


Immigration – A Virtual Field Trip to Ellis Island – March 29th

Scholastic is offering a free Virtual Field Trip to Ellis Island on March 29th in cooperation with the National Parks Service.  The field trip is entitled,”Coming to America: Ellis Island.”

Experience the Journey of over 12 million immigrants as they entered America.  The Virtual Field Trip begins March 29th at 1 PM Eastern Time and 10 AM Pacific Time.  The field trip will last approximately 35 minutes.

The Scholastic Virtual Trip to Ellis Island is free and you can sign up your class at the Coming To America Virtual Field Trip website.

Technical Requirements

The following are mandatory technical requirements for Scholastic webcasts:

  • Install Flash: You will need Flash version 10 or higher.
  • Check Bandwidth: You will need a minimum of 500kbps bandwidth per user in your school. For example, if 10 different classrooms in your school network are watching the webcast, you will need 5,000kbps (5mbps) of bandwidth. Test your bandwidth at least one day prior to the event at the same time of day the event is scheduled.
  • Test Live Access: If you see green checkmarks under Port/Protocol Results on the left side of the screen your ports are open and you’re set for the webcast. If your school restricts access to various sites, ports or proxies, please talk to your IT department and please see our ports section below for accessing our live events. The IT department only needs to allow access and open the port temporarily for the time of the webcast.