Romeo and Juliet – Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

The Romeo and Juliet web site is the most interactive version of Romeo and Juliet available on the web.  The entire play is available in words, some audio readings, movies and web resources.  A huge resource of material on the play Romeo and Juliet.


Listen to audio of professional actors reading sections of the play. 


 Watch movies of professors of theatre being interviewed concerning their ideas on the meaning of the various Acts of the play.

If you are studying the play Romeo and Juliet or just want to know more about the play, make sure you visit this resource.




Charles Dickens Celebrates His Birthday!

Charles Dickens has just celebrated his 200th Birthday!  To honor Charles, a web site has been created by the Alberta Education Society.


The site includes many web links covering the life and writing of Charles Dickens.  Resources include  BBC movies, online interactives and teacher resources.

 If you will be studying the writing and times of  Charles Dickens, you will find this web site of interest.

YouTube For Schools – Announced

Last Wednesday YouTube announced a new site titled, “YouTube For Schools.”

YouTube For Schools has several benefits:

  • Videos are filtered and appropriate for school use
  • Teacher AND student access
  • Thousands of videos available
  • Customizable – Teachers can create playlists
  • Up to the minute content
  • FREE – With many of the same videos available through a pay services.

Schools must join as a District or Individual School. There are also changes that must be made to the school filtering system to allow the flow of YouTube For Schools content.

Once you have the filter changes in place YouTube For Schools can provide a wealth of valuable learning content to your school for FREE!

Talk with your administration today about allowing this content!

Explania – The World Explained Through Video and Animation

Explania attempts to explain real world problems and concepts through the use of animation and video.  Professionally produced movies capture and explain the concepts.  The majority of the videos are in the subjects of Science and Health.

The Science examples could certainly be used in your Science program.  Examples:

What is a Tsunami?

NASA: The Water Cycle

NASA: The Carbon Cycle

There are not many of resources here for education, but what are here are very well done.