The Eagle Has Landed or is at Least Nesting – Live Eagle Webcam

I want to thank my friend Nancy, there I gave her the only plug she is getting, for sharing with me the Live Decorah Bald Eagle webcam.

I could watch this live view of a Decorah Bald Eagle nesting in the wild for hours and I am sure your students could also.  You will get some advertisements once in a while.  I guess that is how they are paying for the live stream, but they are short and appropriate for school.

Mrs. Eagle is ready for her close-up!  I think I remember that look from my mom!

Mrs. Eagle is usually sitting in her nest but sometimes she does fly away.  Well everyone gets hungry!  She is usually not gone long and when she did leave I could see at least one egg in her nest.

There is Mr. Eagle sitting on a branch of the same tree!

Your students will love watching this on the Interactive Whiteboard full screen!

Who will get to see the eggs hatch?  What is the incubation period?  How do they weave their next?  What is the nest made of?  Decorah Bald Eagles are found in what areas of the country?  Where is Mr. Eagle?   Does he take his turn at the nest? Write a paper on what you learned about Devorah Bald Eagles from watching the live stream video?  What do you still want to know about Eagles?

Wow I can find lots of educational links to the curriculum!