Grammar Bytes – Grammar Instruction With Attitude

I want to thank Rebekah Lang for showing me one of her favorite web sites Grammar Bytes.  I believe this will become one of your favorites also!

Grammar Bytes definitely has attitude and a wealth of handouts, movies, PowerPoint presentations, online exercises, etc. almost too many items to mention in one posting.

Grammar Bytes is hosted by Robbin Simmons a composition and humanities teacher and she has a quirky way of presenting that your students will love.

Grammar Bytes could become your main resource for teaching Grammar.

Terms, Exercises,  Handouts

Presentations (PowerPoint – can be downloaded), YouTube Videos, Tips and Rules

Exercises include a handout and an online exercise.

Presentations include a handotr and a PowerPoint which you can download and save.

PowerPoint Screen Shots from the presentation on Verb Forms.

Links to two of the PowerPoint’s that I saved to Google Docs.

Verb Forms


If you teach grammar, Grammar Bytes should definitely be on your A list of FREE resources.


2 Comments on “Grammar Bytes – Grammar Instruction With Attitude”

  1. sabbiwhims says:

    Wow, I am truly a geek for getting excited about exercises that test my knowledge of grammar. Thanks for the post! =)

  2. I always love hearing that Grammar Bytes! is A-list. Thanks for the nice write-up!