WriterRhymes – A Poetry Web Site to Help You Rhyme

Students have writers poetry cramp?  Can’t think of anything to rhyme with a word?

WriterRhymes is a web site that will help your students find rhyming words.  There are many rhyming dictionaries and web sites, but this one is different.  The difference is that you can quickly and easily find rhyming words without leaving the poetry page on which you are writing.

You start your poem directly on the web site page.

Hold the keyboard “ALT” key down and left mouse click on a word that you need help with rhyming.  You are immediately presented with word rhyming possibilities.  Click on a new rhyming word that you like and the original word in your poem is replaced with the new rhyming word.  Can it get any easier?

Finished poems can be Saved, Copied or Printed.  If you Like this site, please comment.

Your students will love rhyming with this site!


One Comment on “WriterRhymes – A Poetry Web Site to Help You Rhyme”

  1. Neeks says:

    Wow that is AWESOME! Thank you!