Math Interactives – Should be in your Toolbox!

Math Interactives, developed by the Alberta, Canada, Education Department, uses video and online interactives to explain math concepts.  This excellent site covers everything from Fractions to Probability and explains the concepts in ways that even I can understand!  I never set the world on fire in Math class.

I needed to see something more than numbers, something that I could manipulate and see the effects of my changes.  Math Interactives gives students exactly that!  Most units contain a 60 to 90 second video –

An online Interactive that can be used as a Teacher Demo or for student practice –

And Teacher Support Activities in the form of a PDF or Word file of the lesson for printing.

Trigonometry Example:

All of the lessons are quick to load and since the movie is part of the lesson you never have to go searching for it.  Give this site a tryand please leave a comment if you Like the site.