Valentine’s Day SmartBoard Fun

Have some fun on Valentines Day with the three SmartBoard files available for download from oldteachernewtech

Valentine’s Day for Kindergarten focuses on matching letters of the Alphabet with pictures, matching letters with sounds and putting letters in alphabetical order.

Valentine’s Day Sudoku uses the letters of the alphabet to complete the Sudoku squares.

Valentine’s Day Word Fun uses Valentine’s Day words in various word games.  The games include filling in missing letters, unscrambling the words, Valentine’s Day mystery words, and more.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day with some Smart lessons.


Grammar Bytes – Grammar Instruction With Attitude

I want to thank Rebekah Lang for showing me one of her favorite web sites Grammar Bytes.  I believe this will become one of your favorites also!

Grammar Bytes definitely has attitude and a wealth of handouts, movies, PowerPoint presentations, online exercises, etc. almost too many items to mention in one posting.

Grammar Bytes is hosted by Robbin Simmons a composition and humanities teacher and she has a quirky way of presenting that your students will love.

Grammar Bytes could become your main resource for teaching Grammar.

Terms, Exercises,  Handouts

Presentations (PowerPoint – can be downloaded), YouTube Videos, Tips and Rules

Exercises include a handout and an online exercise.

Presentations include a handotr and a PowerPoint which you can download and save.

PowerPoint Screen Shots from the presentation on Verb Forms.

Links to two of the PowerPoint’s that I saved to Google Docs.

Verb Forms


If you teach grammar, Grammar Bytes should definitely be on your A list of FREE resources.

C-Span – History TV – Jamestown

C-Span History TV presents many historical topics studied in school.  Presently, they are highlighting the program American Artifacts: Jamestown Rediscovery Project

Historically Jamestown was thought to be under the James River.  Then in 1994 archaeologists found new evidence of the site.  Since then the American Artifacts Project has unearthed more than a million items relating to Jamestown.

C-Span History TV takes you on an “in the trenches look” at the project.

Under Video Playlist on the right hand side of the window, click on “Full Program”, or “Preview” to view the movie.


Future shows and programs on the C-Span History TV site.

Elementary – Academic Skill Builders – Online

Academic Skill Builders brings you interactive online games covering everything from Math to Time to Money to Language Arts to Typing.  The games are designed for the younger grades or struggling students, helping to improve their academic skill.

The student or teacher chooses the appropriate game and the student types in a login name.  Example:  computer 15 

A window will then open where the student can choose to join other students playing the game.

The games are interesting and engaging.

Math Examples:

Time Examples:

Money Examples:

Language Arts:

a second version of the web site called Academic Skills Plus, allows the teacher to upload or type in student names and keep track of scores. 


The Martin Luther King Jr. Center

The Martin Luther King Jr. Center provides a wealth of information on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The resources include his biography…   Where was he born?  Who influenced him?  How did it happen that he led the Civil Rights movement.

What was Dr. King’s philosophy?  What did he mean by non-violence?  What did he state were the three main evils?

Resources also include excerpts and full text versions of his major speeches.

This can be a wonderful resource if you are holding a discussion for the Martin Luther King Jr holiday or studying the era of Civil Rights.

Martin Luther King Jr – Before The Boycott – Riding the Bus

The National Civil Rights Museum provides a unique e-learning activity called, “Before The Boycott – Riding the Bus.”  The interactive program allows students or the teacher to make choices about where they would need to sit on the bus and provides questions for a class discussion.

This site could be used with your Martin Luther King Day activities or part of a discussion on Civil Rights.

Why was the was the bus sectioned?  What was the law?  Could you be arrested for sitting in the wrong seat?  Could the bus driver refuse to stop for you just because of your skin color?  All of these questions are discussed in the interactive unit.

There are 39 interactive screens to the unit.  You might want to skip some of them, by clicking next to shorten the unit.

C-Span – Campaign 2012 with Lesson Plan

The Presidential Campaign only comes around every 4 years. We need to take advantage of this learning moment. 

C-Span’s web site Campaign 2012 will do just that with movies and updates of the latest developments on the campaign trail.

What are the candidates saying?  Who is still in the race? Did your students miss what one of the candidates said?  Do you want to stage your own debate?

How would you like to hold a campaign right in your classroom.  C-Span Lesson Plan on Campaign 2012 will help you.