Fun for the Holidays! Smart NoteBook Files – Online Fun

Just in time for the Holiday”s!  Below are links to some Smart NoteBook files of fun word games, math games or just games to have fun with the SmartBoard. 

In addition, there are links to online Holiday activities using Flash.  

We are never to old to believe in the Holidays!  My middle school students love the activities.  I think they still believe in Santa!

Smart NoteBook: (DOWNLOAD the SMART NOteBook Files)

Holiday Fun – Concentration, Make an Octahedron, Math Word Problems

Holiday Activities –  Holiday Word Search, Make a Snowman, Crossword Puzzle

Finding Rudolph – Students add reindeer to Santa’s sleigh by answering questions.  Developed by James Hollis of the blog

Holiday Division – Division problems with clip art about the holidays.

Online Activities with Animation and Audio – Most are Flash files and may not play on some devices.

Reindeer Orchestra – Click the Reindeer’s Noses to play notes.  Play a song or have the computer direct your song.

Santa’s Workshop – Explore Santa’s Workshop as he prepares for the Holiday!

Ten Little Snowmen – Build Snowmen on your interactive whiteboard

Santa’s Home – Watch Santa prepare for the Holiday. Listen to the story.

I hope your students enjoy all of the activities.  Please leave a comment if you LIKE them and let me know what else you need.





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  2. Denise says:

    Larry, they just hooked up my smart board yesterday! These are soooo fun! Thanks