SweetSearch Biographies K-12

SweetSearch Biographies offers profiles and outstanding search results for thousands of famous-or infamous-people from many walks of life, professions and countries, spanning many centuries.”  Students and teachers can quickly and easily find the information they need from the many categories of biographies listed.

SweetSearch Biographies is designed for student use.  If you are not pleased with the search results your students are receiving from Google, you may want to try SweetSearch.

Each day Sweet Search Biographies celebrates individuals with their “Happy Birthday” feature.  I researched this site on December 6th, which happened to be Walt Disney’s birthday.

Another feature of SweetSearch Biographies is “Top Stories” from that date in history.  On December 6th Thomas Edison successfully tested the Phonograph.  Who knew?  SweetSearch Biographies did!

The “On This Day” student challenge”  feature of SweetSearch Biographies allows students to compete for prizes and hone their search skills.  Each day features a new challenge.