Scholastic Interactive Math and Science Activities

Scholastic for Teachers offers many FREE interactive resources for teachers in the areas of Math and Science.  The fun highly motivational activities include Videos, Songs, Online Quizes and Vocabulary.  In addition, Lesson Plans and Teacher Guides for each activity are provided.

Science Activities: 

Solids, Liquids and Gases


The Water Cycle


Math Activities:

Determine the Missing Operation




Enjoy all of the activities on your Interactive Whiteboard!




Counting Coins – Smart NoteBook File

The Smart NoteBook file, Coin Value, will help your students understand the value of coins.  The Smart NoteBook file was created and shared by Paula Morodokhin a New York state elementary school teacher.

Click on this the link Coin Value and Download the Smart NoteBook file.

The Genographic Project – Atlas of the Human Journey – Where Did Your DNA Ancestors Come From?

Are your students studying the origins of mankind or DNA?

National Geographic continues to track, through DNA testing,  the origins of the Human Journey through the Genographic Project.  Started several years ago with the Bradshaw Foundation, the Atlas of the Human Journey tracks the movement of the Human Species from what is believed to be the origins of mankind, in Africa, to all parts of the globe by following the DNA trail.  Link to Journey of Mankind

Along  the DNA trail an interactive map, text boxes and images are used to provide further background information of man’s movements. 

You can become part of the continuing Genographic Project by purchasing a DNA testing kit and finding our specifically where your DNA originated.

Fun for the Holidays! Smart NoteBook Files – Online Fun

Just in time for the Holiday”s!  Below are links to some Smart NoteBook files of fun word games, math games or just games to have fun with the SmartBoard. 

In addition, there are links to online Holiday activities using Flash.  

We are never to old to believe in the Holidays!  My middle school students love the activities.  I think they still believe in Santa!

Smart NoteBook: (DOWNLOAD the SMART NOteBook Files)

Holiday Fun – Concentration, Make an Octahedron, Math Word Problems

Holiday Activities –  Holiday Word Search, Make a Snowman, Crossword Puzzle

Finding Rudolph – Students add reindeer to Santa’s sleigh by answering questions.  Developed by James Hollis of the blog

Holiday Division – Division problems with clip art about the holidays.

Online Activities with Animation and Audio – Most are Flash files and may not play on some devices.

Reindeer Orchestra – Click the Reindeer’s Noses to play notes.  Play a song or have the computer direct your song.

Santa’s Workshop – Explore Santa’s Workshop as he prepares for the Holiday!

Ten Little Snowmen – Build Snowmen on your interactive whiteboard

Santa’s Home – Watch Santa prepare for the Holiday. Listen to the story.

I hope your students enjoy all of the activities.  Please leave a comment if you LIKE them and let me know what else you need.




SweetSearch Biographies K-12

SweetSearch Biographies offers profiles and outstanding search results for thousands of famous-or infamous-people from many walks of life, professions and countries, spanning many centuries.”  Students and teachers can quickly and easily find the information they need from the many categories of biographies listed.

SweetSearch Biographies is designed for student use.  If you are not pleased with the search results your students are receiving from Google, you may want to try SweetSearch.

Each day Sweet Search Biographies celebrates individuals with their “Happy Birthday” feature.  I researched this site on December 6th, which happened to be Walt Disney’s birthday.

Another feature of SweetSearch Biographies is “Top Stories” from that date in history.  On December 6th Thomas Edison successfully tested the Phonograph.  Who knew?  SweetSearch Biographies did!

The “On This Day” student challenge”  feature of SweetSearch Biographies allows students to compete for prizes and hone their search skills.  Each day features a new challenge.

Guide to Grammar and Writing

The Guide to Grammar and Writing is sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation.  This FREE extensive guide is broken down into three levels: Word and sentence Level, Paragraph Level and Essay and Research Paper Level.  In addition, there are PowerPoint Presentations, Interactive Quizzes, Crossword Puzzles, Web Links, ….. and the list goes on and on.  This is an entire Grammar, Writing and Composition course at one website!

The INDEX lists 427 references within The Guide to Grammar and Writing or it’s sister site Principles of Composition.

Companion site Principles of Composition.

Most sections include Interactive Quizzes illustrating the topic or Crossword Puzzles for students to complete.  A truly wonderful resource!

America’s Story – From America’s Library

America’s Story, hosted by the Library of Congress, allows students to quickly find information on the 50 states, meet famous American’s, view a timeline of American History, join America at play or hear and see events as they took place in America.


America’s Story is a great place to have students begin their research on an American topic or find ideas for a report.  However the information is not in-depth.

I would recommend this site for elementary and middle school students.