10 Interactive Smart Notebook Pages You Can Use – Part 1

Finding the interactive Smart Notebook files in the Smart NoteBook Gallery is not always easy.  To help make this easier I have put together a file of ten (10) interactive pages that you can easily use in your lessons.

Link to the 10 Interactive Smart NoteBook Pages File

Anagram Example – All pages can be easily edited.

Smart NoteBook page examples include: Anagram, Multiple Choice Quiz, Vocabulary Match, Image Match, Image Timeline, Note Revealer, Tiles Match, etc.

Note Revealer – Show the next part of your lesson when your are ready by clicking on the number.  Great for Marzano Goals!

Download and Open the Smart NoteBook file.  Open your lesson file.  Use the Restore Down  icon in the upper right corner of the window to make a smaller window.  Do this for both open Smart NoteBook Files.  Arrange the smaller windows so that the 10 Interactive Smart NoteBook pages file window is on the right and your lesson window on the left. Drag and Drop the pages you would like to use into your lesson.  Edit the pages and your lesson is ready to use.