SMART NoteBook File -Turkey Trot – Five Steps to Solving Math Word Problems

The SMART NoteBook file, Turkey Trot, trots students through the Five Steps to Solving Math Word Problems.  SMART NoteBook needs to be installed on the computer to open this file.

This link will take you to my page where you can download the Turkey Trot file.

Click on the Turkey Trot link when you get to the page and the file will download and open in SMART NoteBook.

Use the following instructions to edit the file using your own Math Word problems.

Click on one of the Turkey Trot SMART NoteBook page problems.
Click on the Math Word Problem text box.
A little lock will appear in the upper right hand corner of the text box.
Click on the lock and in the drop down menu choose Locking/Unlock.
Now edit the Math Word Problem.
When finished editing.
Click on the Text Box.
In the upper right hand corner, click on the down facing little triangle.
From the drop down menu, Choose Locking/Lock in Place.
Save the file on your local drive.
You are ready to do the  Turkey Trot in class!
Repeat the process for other Turkey Trot SMART Notebook pages to edit them.
A big Thanksgiving Thank You to James Hollis, Professional Development Supervisor for Teacher Online Training for sharing this file.