Need Music for Class or at Home? New Way – Spotify Old Way – ITunes

ITunes is the old way of getting and listening to music.  The NEW WAY is Spotify.  If you need music for class, “Children’s Songs,Latest Albums, Famous Speeches” or just want to listen yourself, stop buying the music and listen to it on Spotify

Spotify is FREE as long as you just want to listen, similar to Internet Radio. 

Search for your music:

If you want to download  the music to your phone, Ipod or other device then there is a monthly charge.  

If you just want to listen to the music on your Internet device, there is a FREE Spotify app for that.

You need to have a FaceBook login to register for a FREE account at Spotify and there is a small plug-in that has to be installed on your computer.  I was able to install the plug-in with no problems at school and at home.

Today’s top Artists:

Make a playlist of your music.  The playlist below is of Children’s Songs.  Do you need to play “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” song or the latest “Rap?”  They are all available FREE at Spotify!

Famous Speeches Playlist:

Stop paying for music and start listening at Spotify!