10 Interactive Smart Notebook Pages You Can Use – Part 1

Finding the interactive Smart Notebook files in the Smart NoteBook Gallery is not always easy.  To help make this easier I have put together a file of ten (10) interactive pages that you can easily use in your lessons.

Link to the 10 Interactive Smart NoteBook Pages File

Anagram Example – All pages can be easily edited.

Smart NoteBook page examples include: Anagram, Multiple Choice Quiz, Vocabulary Match, Image Match, Image Timeline, Note Revealer, Tiles Match, etc.

Note Revealer – Show the next part of your lesson when your are ready by clicking on the number.  Great for Marzano Goals!

Download and Open the Smart NoteBook file.  Open your lesson file.  Use the Restore Down  icon in the upper right corner of the window to make a smaller window.  Do this for both open Smart NoteBook Files.  Arrange the smaller windows so that the 10 Interactive Smart NoteBook pages file window is on the right and your lesson window on the left. Drag and Drop the pages you would like to use into your lesson.  Edit the pages and your lesson is ready to use.




ToonDoo – Easily Create Comic Strips

Teachers have been requesting a FREE site where they can have students create Comic Strips.  ToonDoo is FREE and easy to use! 

ToonDoo has several programs.  Use the ToonDoo Maker to create Comic Strips.

Your students will need to create a Free account but once in ToonDoo Maker you have a choice of Characters, Landscape, Props, Text, etc. or your own saved images.

Allow your students to be creative through comics.  Have them create a political cartoon or pretend to be a famous person at a time in history!  Comics can ge used in any subject area.

Here is a simple cartoon I put together in a few minutes about school.  If you liked this post, please comment.

World Data Center… – World Maps Illustrating Climate Change, Population Density,…

The World Data Center for Human Interactionsin the Environment, part of Columbia University, uses data sets from NASA and other government agencies to create world maps illustrating population and environmental changes. 

The maps include: Climate, Conservation, Governance, Hazards, Health, Population, Poverty and Sustainability.

 All of the maps can be downloaded in PDF or JPG formats.  The JPG images are very large and print out without distortion on a poster printer.  They also project well on a SMARTBoard.  If you are studying environment or population, this site is a must.

SMART NoteBook File -Turkey Trot – Five Steps to Solving Math Word Problems

The SMART NoteBook file, Turkey Trot, trots students through the Five Steps to Solving Math Word Problems.  SMART NoteBook needs to be installed on the computer to open this file.

This link will take you to my page where you can download the Turkey Trot file.

Click on the Turkey Trot link when you get to the page and the file will download and open in SMART NoteBook.

Use the following instructions to edit the file using your own Math Word problems.

Click on one of the Turkey Trot SMART NoteBook page problems.
Click on the Math Word Problem text box.
A little lock will appear in the upper right hand corner of the text box.
Click on the lock and in the drop down menu choose Locking/Unlock.
Now edit the Math Word Problem.
When finished editing.
Click on the Text Box.
In the upper right hand corner, click on the down facing little triangle.
From the drop down menu, Choose Locking/Lock in Place.
Save the file on your local drive.
You are ready to do the  Turkey Trot in class!
Repeat the process for other Turkey Trot SMART Notebook pages to edit them.
A big Thanksgiving Thank You to James Hollis, Professional Development Supervisor for Teacher Online Training for sharing this file.

An Educators Guide to Twitter and Facebook

Amber Coggin, author of the blog SmartBoard Goodies, recently posted Educators Guides to Twitter and Facebook.  Both guides walk you through the process of using the web sites for Educational Professional Development. 

If you always wanted to know about Twitter or Facebook, the guides are a great place to start.

World Maps – Place II – Population, Landscape and Environmental Estimates

Place II, (Columbia University) provides World Maps of Population, Landscape and Environmental Estimates based on data from NASA and other government agencies. 

The dataset Map Collection  provides maps in the areas of: Biomes, Climate Zone, Coastal Proximity, Elevation Zone, Population Density or a combination.

The World Maps are available in PDF or JPG for download and print out on a poster printer with little loss of detail.  They also look great when used with an  Interactive Whiteboard for illustration.  A must for Social Studies and Science teachers.

Animated General Biology Tutorials for Science and Health Teachers

Sumanas, Inc. a multimedia development services company provides narated animations for publishing and web development companies.  They are also sharing their animated multimedia tutorials on General Biology.

All of the tutorials are animated and narrated. 

Use the animated tutorials on the computer or project them onto your Interactive Whiteboard.  A wonderful resource for Science and Phys. Ed./Health teachers.