QuizStar – Create Online Quizzes – K-12

Creating an online quiz that students can take at school or at home has always been a dream of mine and now QuizStar makes this a reality.  And QuizStar fits my budget, FREE.

QuizStar allows teachers to create quizzes in Multiple Choice, True False or Short Answer format.  Students login, take the quiz and have immediate feedback. Teachers login and can view reports by student or by class.  What more could you want?

Use QuizStar for the end of the chapter review, a practice test or the real quiz.  Student names can be input one at a time, uploaded as a csv file or students can be registered into your class as they login for your quiz.  Quiz reports can also be exported as an Excel file.  Created quizzes can be duplicated for another class or shared with other teachers.  QuizStar allows the teacher to place graphics and movies in their online questions. (Look at examples in this post.)

The first quiz takes a while to create, since you need to create a class, a class roster and then your actual quiz.  But once you learn the steps this is very easy.

Consider giving QuizStar a try.  Students love taking quizzes online and getting that immediate feedback!  And you will love the automatic grading of the quiz!