Science Interactive Animations – K – 12 – Wonderful

England is ahead of us in the use and creation of web based interactives in the classroom.  I came across this wonderful English site FreezeRay that is full of excellent virtual interactives.  The site was developed by the Great Barr School which is a Specialist Science College in England.  The site was developed for use by Englands Science teachers in their public/private schools.

FreezeRay can be used in elementary school, middle school and high school Science and focuses on the areas of Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Earth and Space Science and Technology.  All are FREE and work wonderfully on an interactive whiteboard.  Processes that you traditionally tried to demonstrate (Ex. Pulley Systems, Gears, Circuits, Kinetic Energy) can be easily shown over and over again with no setup.

If you want to experience creating your own virtual manipulatives, FreezeRay allows you to download the VnR modeling program.  Click on the VnR Modeling tab on the left side, download and start creating your own models or allow your students to create them!