ABCYa – Teacher Resources

ABCYa  focuses mainly on the elementary grades of K – 5 but some of their resources can be used K – 12. 

I especially like the ABCYa Word Cloud and Word search applications because you can save and print your finished product.

Example: Shakespeare – Ode – Brevity is the soul of wit

Other Word Cloud applications will not allow saving and printing.

Teachers will also love the Word Search application.  Your own words can be used in the Word Search puzzle and you can print out the puzzles or play on the computer or SmartBoard.

And of course ABCYa  always has some special applications for the holidays.  Currently they are focusing on Halloween with their Make a Pumpkin and Carve a Pumpkin applications.  Use them on the SmartBoard! 

Of course you can print them for the students!

ABCYa  is chuck full of wonderful applications for teachers K-12.  You just have to learn to put up with the advertisements for lawn mowers, etc.  They have to pay for all of this creativity somehow.