Social Studies – An Interactive Constitutional Timeline

The National Constitution Center”s web exhibit, Centuries of Citizenship: A Constitutional Timeline provides a walk through history using audio and historical images. 

The Interactive timeline covers US Constitutional History between the years 1765 to the present.

This FREE interactive resource brings history to life for students and provides background information and audio of what was happening during an historical period.

There are two versions of the Constitutional Timeline.  A High Bandwidth Broadband Flash version and a Low bandwidth HTML version.  The High Bandwidth Flash version has more interactive links, but both versions cover the same Constitutional material.

The Constitutinal Timeline works great on an Interatice Whiteboard.

Images below are from the High Bandwidth Flash version.

Centuries of Citizenship: A Constitutional Timeline home page.

Interactive Timeline

The Interactive Timeline uses audio and historical images to explain Constitutional discussions and changes.

Historical Images are used in the Timeline to help explain an historical period.