Children’s Books Forever – E-Books

Children’s Books Forever provides classic children’s books online in a pdf format.  The books can be viewed online or downloaded to your computer and saved as a file.  Children’s Books Forever is FREE and provides the books in several languages including: English, Spanish, German and French.

The books look wonderful when viewed on your SmartBoard! 



Documentary Heaven

Do you use material from Documentaries in your teaching?  Then Documentary Heaven should be one of your resources.  Documentary Heaven has organized and cataloged over 1600 Documentaries from varied sources, including YouTube, making finding just the right resource that you need very easy.

Categories include: Archeology, Art and Artists, Biographies, Biology, Education, Environment, Health, History, Human Biology, Music, Nature, Physics, Science, Technology, etc…   There are over 40 categories.

All of the Documentaries are in a Flash Format and are streamed from the Internet making the site very easy to use.

New – National Geographic for Teachers

National Geographic has recently created a National Geographic site just for Teachers.  Presently the site is in Beta, but is already rich in teaching resources.  Categories include: Teaching Resources, Activities and Projects, Reference and News, Mapping, Multimedia, Education Programs and more…..

There are also now Family, Student, Kid and Informal Educator sites that are available at the click of a mouse.  As with everything that National Geographic creates the web site is very easy to use and the pictures are wonderful.

Make National Geographic for Teachers one of your Favorites!


Thinking Blocks – Model Math Word Problems – Elementary to High School

Oh how I wish they had this website when I was learning to solve Math word problems!  Since I now know that I am a visual learner, this site would have helped me tremendously.  Thinking Blocks is a FREE web site that was developed uses the Model and then Solve approach to completing Math word problems.

Thinking Blocks models are available for Addition, Multiplication, Fractions, and Ratios or use the Modeling Tool to build your own models.  After you pick a section, I would suggest that you have students watch the movie which explains how to manipulate the models.