New Readers Will Love StarFall!!

StarFall, a FREE website that helps students develop a love of Reading, uses interactive and creative self-paced games to encourage students to practice Reading in a systematic Phonics approach.  Developed for pre-school to second grade students the site is also perfect for special education students or students learning English (Eld, ELL, ESL).

All of the interactive games use animation, audio and student input to build student interest.  The games are all Flash based and may not work on systems that do not support Flash.

StarFall is a great site and is Advertising free!  Give it a try for your new or struggling readers.

StarFall website

Example of the Interactive Game – Word Hunt.


MrPrintables – High Quality Flash Cards, Games, Alphabets, …

I know that we are on summer vacation but it is never too early to be looking for quality printable flash cards, games, alphabets, Math shapes, and much more for the coming school year.

MrPrintables gives you just that, high quality printables that can be used and printed for FREE!

MrPrintables has: Games, Puzzles, Math Shapes, Alphabets, Coloring Pages, Masks, Party Themes, Calendars, Planners, Holiday Themes, ….   Did I perk your interest yet?

All of MrPrintables materials can be downloaded which means that you do not have to go searching for them again.  They will be right in your local folder!  To print the downloaded PDF files you will need Adobe Reader which is free from Adobe.

If you do not wish to print your MrPrintables now, at least bookmark this site so you will be ready with some great graphic items when you return to school.

Example of MrPrintables:

edu.glogster – How Cool Is This!

Just when you thought that all of your teachers had heard of and tried Glogster you run into a teacher who is looking for just this type of tool! is the FREE educational version of Glogster and the only Glogster that teachers should be using.  (, the public version can have inappropriate posters.) allows teachers to create a FREE account and add up to 200 students using their account Dashboard.

Glogster is super easy to use, fun and creative!  Students create interactive Posters using online drag and drop tools.  Interactivity includes linking to web sites, playing of movies, playing of audio, or linking to another glogster poster to create a presentation.  And lots more!

Glogs are a wonderful way for students to give a book report, tell a story, illustrate Science data, use new vocabulary words, show a Math function, …… you get the idea.

The only problem with Glogster!  Once you start students using Glogs they will not want to stop!

Glog Presentation Example is for a Tech Mentor Workshop

Singing Horses – Have fun with your SMARTBoard

Start the new  by having some fun with the SMARTBoard.

The Singing Horses is just the trick for helping your students practice touching the SMARTBoard.  Have horse sing or all of them.

Have fun!

Click on the picture to go to the Singing Horse website.  This is a Flash file and will not play on your IPad.