Fotopedia – High Quality Photographs For your Lessons

I am always looking for high quality photographs that I can use in my lessons.  Especially ones that will look great on the white board.  Fotopedia is a site that provides many great photographs from around the world.



is FREE, our favorite word, but you do need to register and confirm your e-mail address.  Once on the site you can search by name or subject to find high quality photographs that members of the site have voted, yes I did say voted, as the best photographs on that subject.  You can also start you own project, upload photographs and allow members to vote.

Philadelphia City Hall never looked so good!

Once you have found a photograph that you would like to use you can:

  1. Click on the photograph
  2. Click download or embed
  3. Right click on the photograph and click “Save As” to save to your home directory

It’s that simple!  Photographs are FREE to use in non-commercial projects. 

The Alamo in downtown San Antonio, Texas.

Fotopedia has just joined with National Geographic Traveler to bring you even more great photographs.

Thank you to Richard Byrne of Free Technology For Teachers for making me aware of Fotopedia.