Send a large file (up to 300 MB) FREE using Sendspace

I have often needed to send a large file or files to myself  or other individuals but the file exceeded the limits of my e-mail account.

Problem solved, Sendspace will allow you to upload  large files, up to 300 MB, or several files quickly and easily. Sendspace does not send the files as an e-mail attachment but gives you an e-mailed link allowing you to download your files directly into your “H” drive.  And it is FREE, no registration required.

I learned about Sendspace because one of our national vendors needed to send me some large firmware update files and they did so by using Sendspace. I figured if a national name brand company is using Sendspace, then I should be using it.

The site is really easy to use, just 4 steps (really only 3 required steps):

Go to

Browse for the file that you want to upload (send)
Give a Description (optional)
Type in the e-mail address(s) of the individual(s) who is to receive the file
Type in your e-mail address (they say this is optional, but it is actually required)

Click the “Upload Button” and your file is on its way!

Once the file is uploaded the recipient will receive an e-mail that they have a file waiting for them to download, who sent the file and a link to start the download process.

It is really that easy. 

Send that large movie to yourself so that you can work on it at home.  Forgot your thumb drive, no problem use Sendspace.  Need to send a large file or files to several other individuals?  No problem use Sendspace.

If your e-mail server cannot handle it, Sendspace can!