Read, Write, Compete, Publish – BoomWriter

BoomWriter combines the process of writing with the voting of American Idol!

This FREE website is available to individual teachers or schools as a tool to encourage students to read, write, vote and then publish a story.  Did your say, “vote?”  Yes vote, that is the American Idol part.

Here is how it works.  The teacher starts the story, maybe a paragraph or two, then the students login to their accounts, see what the teacher has written and then they are responsible for completing that chapter using the topic presented.  Students can take the story anywhere they want, putting in their own ideas and writing style.

When all first chapters are complete (you will need to set a time limit), the students read everyone’s chapter and then vote anonymously on which one was the best.  The winning chapter becomes Chapter 1 of the book.

The ideas and characters from Chapter 1 are then used to write Chapter 2.  When all are complete they vote again and this becomes Chapter 2 and the process begins again until the teacher decides that the book is complete.

All of the writing takes place on the BoomWriter web site which means that students can work on their chapters in school and at home. 

Teachers may want their students to use Pen Names when setting up their accounts.  Students love to create Pen Names!

To learn more about BoomWriter, visit their web site or watch the movie from WBGH.

Thank you Kristen Swanson for making me aware of BoomWriter.  You can visit her blog Teachers as Technology Trailblazers here.