YouTube – Remove Ads and Related Videos When Viewing a Movie

 When you play a   video you normally have a screen that looks like this.

 This may be distracting to your students and the “Ads” may not be appropriate.

By using a program called “Purify” you can remove the ads and distracting related videos. 

When you play the video your screen will now look like this.


 Go to  and add the Purify Button to your “Favorites>”

Right-Click/Add to Favorites

 Go to YouTube and begin to play your video.

Click on Favorites and then Purify and viola – No Distractions

 The video in this example is one of mine about the Worcester Canal in Worcester, England and the movie was done in PhotoStory.  PhotoStory is on all of your computers and is very easy to use.  Creates great movies from still pictures.

 The Worcester Canal movie is at: