ePals Global Community – Connect Your Classrooms – Free

ePals is not new; they have been providing a safe online space for students and teachers to collaborate on projects worldwide for many years.  I can remember something with a very similar name being available on the Apple IIe, using a modem.  Now you really have to have been doing this awhile to remember that!

I am not sure if this is the same site but ePals is presently the largest provider of FREE safe e-mail based communication for K-12 schools having classrooms registered from over 200 countries.  Why do I say safe, because all ePals communications are monitored and all e-mail stays within the ePals domain.   Students cannot use their e-Pals e-mail address anywhere else, just within e-Pals.

  Allow your classroom to connect with other classrooms, practice those writing skills and learn about the cultures of other parts of the world.  ePals will allow your students to practice all of those tech skills for FREE and have fun doing it!