Online Collaborative Spreadsheets – EditGrid

Students are collecting data and each student or group of students are inputting the data into their own individual spreadsheet.   You, the teacher, are going to have to combine all of this data later and create a graph.

Wouldn’t you love to have all of the data being entered into one spreadsheet, online?  EditGrid allows you to do this, for FREE!  If you know Excel, you know EditGrid.  EditGrid allows you to create the spreadsheet, create your formulas, lock cells and create a graph that will be live when students enter the data.  This is all pretty exciting stuff for students and teachers to watch the graph change as students enter the results of their work.

I know that Google Docs allows you to enter data online also, but I believe that EditGrid is easier to use.    Here is the old M & M spreadsheet that many teachers use to introduce students to Excel and graphs.  Try mine online at:

How can I use this Free online teaching tool:

EditGrid allows you to collect data in any subject area from your students or from students located anywhere in the world.  Collaborate with classes worldwide on a project.  Since the spreadsheet is now online and only a click away, time zones are no longer a concern.